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Gisselle Humes And Friends Make Porn Stars Look Great!

by Bang Bros

We have Mariah, Ricki, and Giselle Humes on an official casting call to give the average cock a chance to get some professional pussy. About eight guys stood in line, and they were ordered to drop their pants to show off their pussy pounding artillery. The porn stars were eager to see what these amateur studs could do as they seemed a little hesitant. Anyway, the action got going, and the one to get a hard on first, got the first blow job. And Mariah got on her knees first, to give the lip action. Later on, Giselle is laying flat her back getting her pussy licked while Ricki is in the corner giving head. Minutes later Mariah is riding dick, and Ricki is asking for anal, and she gets the dick rammed right up her ass. The highlight of it all, is Giselle giving deep throat.

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